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You may use the opportunity to learn a little bit about us so that we are not complete strangers when it comes to our caring for your needs.

Our Mission:

We provide reasonably priced trips, tours and activities – and the appropriate staff – to suit our clients’ needs as far as is reasonably possible. We strive to deliver service excellence at all times.

Earth Ventures was started as a division of The Chauffeur to cater for the less formal aspects of duty. Although the high standards of service excellence set by The Chauffeur are never compromised, there are times when there’s no place for the formal “tie-and-collar”.

Earth Ventures addresses the need for flexible, reasonably priced itineraries including mountain walks, specialised tours, visits to wellness centres, etc. The choice of the tree – above and below the ground – in our logo is meant to reflect our holistic approach. There’s always more than the eye can normally see.

The “flexible” aspect of Earth Ventures is that we can chop and change an itinerary at your request – even en route. For example: If you’ve booked a guide and a microbus for your family for 8 hours with the intention of going to Cape Point, but you decide that you’d rather go somewhere else out of the wind, we will adjust our schedule to suit your needs – you’re the client!

Wherever possible, we will do our best to get exactly the right staff for the job. That means that we will contract a field expert to do a specialised tour: Lesley Cox is our wine expert; Ken Campbell conducts our rail tours; etc. We are always on the lookout for field specialists to make sure that you get the very best service we can give.



Director, Operator, Chauffeur

In 1999, Dave founded the longest-lasting designated driver service in South Africa. Admittedly, other services of this nature in SA have failed. However, Dave was still working a full-time job as a programmer. After volunteering for retrenchment, he used his personal savings to pursue his passions and interests in nature, mountain walking, holistic healing and trains.

“Earth Ventures was a natural progression from The Chauffeur – an excuse to drop the collar-and-tie”, says Dave. “Now I have the opportunity and freedom to do what I enjoy and to share our beautiful country with others.”

Dave regards himself as a regular New Age man. He is ever service orientated and believes in adding value to clients’ experiences. He is a member of Peninsula Tourism, the Mountain Club of South Africa, Cape Western Vintage Railway club and Cape Railway Enthusiasts Association (CREA).

KEN CAMPBELL ~ Senior Guide

Ken has been Dave’s mentor in many ways. His speciality is not only to do with trains and rail preservation, but his remarkable flexibility and capacity to cope with changes at very short notice. Ken is also the official “fireman” for the Epping Market Choo-Choo and is known to railway enthusiasts all around the country.

History intrigues Ken. His spare moments are used to find original sites of historical buildings in Cape Town, write articles for rail club newsletters and paint ostrich eggs. He is also a very proud single parent of a beautiful teenage daughter.

Ken’s experience includes being a pop-rock guitarist, a chauffeur, and a tour-guide, an ostrich egg artist and fireman (and unofficial driver) of the local rail club’s steam locos. Ken is a member of no less than three rail clubs.

LESLEY COX ~ Senior Guide

Lesley’s expertise lies in Cape wines. She has two diplomas in wine and also lectures on the subject. She is thoroughly familiar with the Cape wine industry, the estates, the cultivars and the many varieties of Cape wines.

Having qualified as a tourist guide under one of the country’s leading trainers, Michele Gavron, Lesley is the ideal person for your next Winelands experience.

DAVE HICKS ~ Chauffeur.

David Hicks is a well-traveled, retired schoolmaster. He is also a volunteer classical presenter on Fine Music Radio. He spends his spare time travelling the world. Also being a rail enthusiast, it is not surprising that he has ridden the Trans-Siberian Express.

David procured his professional driving permit so that he could meet equally interesting people and share some of his travel stories. He is a thorough gentleman and has absolute integrity.


Martin is a loving father of four, a respected church member and trustworthy chauffeur. He has organised and led several mountain walks for young people and has been a member of the MCSA for several years.

Martin’s forte is long-distance driving. He drives anything from his VW Combi to huge trucks. Lately, he has done several trips to and from the Orange River and Namibia. However, Martin will also gladly drive you to the airport, or for the whole week.




TOM DRAMAT ~ Guide, Chauffeur

Although Tom has his own touring company, he is only too happy to accept Earth Ventures appointments in Gauteng. Being a registered guide with “national” status, you will often find Tom doing tours in the Pilansberg area, Magaliesberg and the Kruger National Park.

All Earth Ventures’ staff are freelance and are contracted as and when required. All staff are well screened before being commissioned for service. They are carefully chosen according to their suitability for not only the job at hand, but according to our clients and their needs.

Earth Ventures is constantly on the lookout for suitably qualified field specialists and foreign-language guides.


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